"Baby Magic Dragon require constant attention. When they get bored, strange things happen; inanimate objects come to life, clocks melt, and shadows dance off of the walls." -Baby

"There's a rumor that your Magic Dragon appeared on another planet and made it rain toads last weekend. Don't worry, this is normal. If Magic Dragons didn't make it rain toads, who would?" -Teen

"That Magic Dragon of yours is getting really powerful. Kind of scary powerful. Uh-oh, your Magic Dragon is staring at me again. Aaand now I have tentacles instead of legs. I'm going to slither home now." -Adult

"Raising a Magic Dragon to its Epic Form is a nigh-impossible task. You should be proud, and thankful, that your Magic Dragon never teleported you to the tummy-ache kingdom. I was not so lucky." -Epic

Hatch time:

20 HoursEarns: 120 coins/hour


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