"Seabreeze Dragons throw tantrums of wind and water, making them unpopular with Fire Dragons, but invaluable for farmers during times of drought." -Baby

"Seabreeze Dragons love to fly through the curling tunnel of air created by a breaking wave. The power of wind and water working in unison infuses them with a sense of well-being and purpose." -Teen

"Seabreeze Dragons become depressed without moisture and a regular breeze. Caretakers have devised misting fans out of palm fronds and aqueducts to keep their feathers wet and waving in the wind." -Adult

"As your Seabreeze Dragon glides across any body of water, be it sea or pond, frothy blue waves stretch high to salute the Epic Form Dragon." -Epic

Costs 740 Gold

Can be bred with Air and Water Dragons.

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